Global Photonics Solutions


All video displays, billboards, message centers or LED lighting are comprised of a common element. ~~~ The module.          Think of a module like the common lego piece for a particular model your building.   For lighting, a module might be made with only a few LEDs. The video wall below is made up of hundreds of modules each with 8,192 LEDs.  ~~~~ And in each one of those is a red diode a blue diode and a green diode.  And that’s what makes trillions of colors and brings it to life.

This 138 foot display adorns the mezanene and embraces the outside traffic with a special LED packaged specifically for this project.

This is our 2.5mm pitch module  used in the Centene display to the left.  There are 8,192 LED pixels with each pixel comprised of red, green and blue diodes.  That’s 24,576 diodes per module.

This module is our ultra-high resolution 1.4mm pixel pitch. With 9600 RGB pixels, per module, the brilliant colors and the exceptional contrast ignite the senses and bring about the ultimate visual experience.

Our digital lighting technology illuminates the night with natural light spectrums that bring about new experiences found in light.

Being unique is just what Viessmann is about. 

Captivating realistic color comes only from semiconductor selection and packaging that semiconductor. And we do that well.

Nothing was spared in the development of this 17 foot 2mm display rendering museum quality art.

Virtual Reality Square 

Our technology allows us to actually curve the display without losing resolution. 

Customization is our standard.