Global Photonics Solutions


GPS is the white label manufacturer of premium LED modules for the digital billboard, high resolution video walls and LED lighting industries. Our experience in the science of the LED and the technology to bond, package and place is thoroughly depicted with our advanced manufacturing platform. This platform gives us the ability to provide the highest quality at the lowest costs.

Global Photonics Solutions was founded on an idea that the future of the LED was not only the technological excitement of innovation and invention but also the societal excitement of virtual experiences that will knit civilization as one.    

GPS is all about the advancement of the LED, its applications and its simplicity of design and operation. Because of this innovation, GPS is taking a new position in its distribution. We are guided by sound and fundamental economic principles that focus on the end-user. Because of extensive work we have done to our processes, we can directly engage with the end-user and allow savings in excess of 100% in no longer necessary and costly layers.

Global Photonix Solutions was founded for you in order to proliferate a technology that benefits all, with even greater applications for tomorrow.

Economics, versatility and flexibility. With our LED and driver technology you get a color palette of 281,474,976,710,656 individual colors. What could be better for your ambient lighting or a realistic digital display perplexing the individual to ask, is this reality or virtual reality?

This is the coolest question. LED’s are all about excitement. LEDs are extremely safe.

The light of the LED is not generated the same way as an incandescent bulb. LEDs light by chemical luminescent excitement of photons and electrons being driven by drivers adjusting very low and safe DC forward voltage.

Think of it like a firefly. They glow and flash when looking for a mate. The more excited they get in their pursuit, the brighter and flasher they become. That’s bioluminescent via chemical reaction in pursuit of sex.

So, LEDs are actually having technological  sex.

It’s true!

LEDs perform well in wet or dry weather conditions. LEDs actually thrive in cold temperatures. This is because of less thermal stress (changes in temperatures) is put on the diodes and driver. In fact, studies show that when installed in cold applications, LEDs rate of degradation reduces and their lumen output improves. Hot desert conditions, with an ambient temperature in excess of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, require component heat buildup be extracted via fan or cooled.

Advancements in semi-conductor wafer technology and packaging technologies are continually increasing the useful life of the LED. Currently, 100,000 hours is typical.

The future is very bright for the LED. The versatility of the LED and its applications are continually being discovered. It will be completely ubiquitous in tomorrow’s world. 

Take a moment to imagine a day in which surfaces of all kinds, walls, ceilings, floors, columns, indoors or outdoors, could be color
changed instantaneously to any color you wished or transformed into experiential digital surfaces or virtual experiences.

Imagine a day in which your home could be transformed into a virtual experience of the universe.

Imagine a day in which virtual reality and reality merge.

That day is next and Global Photonics Solutions is guiding that effort now.

Optical integrity is another reason to choose GPS.

Light coming from a digital billboard or video wall must not be offensively bright.

With digital displays the higher the resolution the lower the individual pixel brightness needs to be. Also more color can be added to the palette for even more clarity of the content.

Digital displays are defined in pixel pitch. That’s the distance between the centers of each pixel. The larger the distance the fewer the pixels the brighter each pixel has to be in order to see the content being displayed. And that’s because the light has to fill in the space between pixels. 

So, adding more pixels solves all those issues. Those costs are small today.

When Townships learn that they can emulate front or backlit static displays  with digital, they can construct zoning parameters that protect the town’s imagery yet allows business to be more expressive in attracting the consumer dollar, which also benefits the town.  

Well, of course we are partial to ourselves, however to put it bluntly, this is what we do and love doing. We design and manufacture LED’s. LED video walls, LED lighting, LED billboards, frankly, anything LED. And we do it on the most advanced manufacturing platforms. 

Why go with GPS? Because you’re going to love the experience of being upstream, where all the wonderment is happening!

Science, technology and academia, all in the pursuit of excellence, know no borders.

China made decisions years ago, with the help of American scientists, engineers and technologists, to make what the world wants and can afford. GPS joined with engineers in China years ago, developing vertical advanced manufacturing platforms that have full interoperability across all platforms, foreign and domestic thereby increasing design and innovative efficiency.

Furthermore, China has invested heavily in supply chain readiness. We are able to go from concept to proto-type, identifying  and resolving errors, both upstream and potential downstream errors and move to production in one sixth of the time it could be done stateside.        

Supply chain readiness give the holder an unquestionable competitive advantage that translates to considerable savings for the consumer. 

This makes for a perfect union that focuses completely on consumer economics. 

The Unites States is built on the economics of Adam Smith and the birth of free trade. 

Isolationism is not expansive. The beauty of the human race is they want the highest quality at the best price. Our focus is the consumer and fulfilling their wants. America benefits in free-trade by combining domestic and global supply chains, innovation, technology and invention to an expanding consumer market. Thereby providing the consumer freedom to choose. Freedom is America.

Free trade and freedom to choose is the bedrock of a sound consumer driven economy. America is the founder who propagates free trade. China’s prowess in manufacturing is a global benefit and not a detriment. America needs to become more expansive in its trade and GPS understands the dynamics that are necessary to effectuate that expansion. Americans benefit from trade dynamics that focus on serving the consumer.

Customization is our standard. ​